Husband, Father, Educator, Researcher, Consultant, Speaker…

I received my Ph.D. in Educational Computing and Cognitive Systems at UNT where I looked at student reflections as artifacts of self-regulatory behaviors for learning. My research interests broadly include cognitive aspects of educational computing, emerging technologies, faculty professional development through action research and the nature of knowledge and knowing.

My Masters is in Educational Technology through Pepperdine University. This was a unique experience as 80 percent of the program was conducted from a distance. I earned my bachelor degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies and Music.

Currently, I am the director of educational technology at Greenhill School in Dallas where I also teach classes in the science department. This is a pre-K through 12 independent school. My wife and I have also started DLP Consulting, an educational consulting business.

I live in Wylie, TX with my wonderful wife and three kids, two cats and three BWD’s (Big White Dogs- Great Pyrenees). I enjoy reading and just about any outdoor activity. I grew up as a “park service brat” spending 20 summers in Yellowstone National Park. Many of those summers were spent living in backcountry cabins where there was no gas, electricity or running water. Showers were a creek fed with snowmelt and the bathroom was an outhouse. Meals were cooked on the wood stove when it was cold or on a Coleman stove.

You can learn more about my background on MY PORTFOLIO at:


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