NAIS AC 2010: Lessons Cloaked in the Power of Narrative

Session Time: Friday, February 26, 8:00 am – 9:00 am

Room: 3001

Presenter: Chris Bigenho


Session Description: Stories are as old as time. For a long as mankind has been around, there have been stories. Explore the power of narrative and personal story and how they can be used to engage students in meaningful ways. Leveraging a potpourri of new media tools, don the “Cloak of Narrative” and bring your class to life with alternate reality games and global stories of human interest and understanding. Take home a wealth of resources as you enter the world of “unfiction” and digital threads. I will be sharing three different stories with you during the session. Each has its own place in the context of learning and each are engaging in their own ways. I will also touch on design considerations for building your own narrative based activities. Come hear an excerpt of “Shafted Enlightenment- An Alternate Reality Game for Learning, The Iranian Elections as told through social media, and The Living Story of the Earthquake in Haiti.

Session Back Channel: This session will support a back channel using Twitter. If you are tweeting during the session, please use the following hash tags on your tweets so that they will be part of the conference channel as well as the session channel. I will post a copy of the session back channel along with additional resources and a link to the slides at the completion of the session.

Hash Tags: #naisac10, #cb2

Resources: (will be posted after the session)


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