NAIS AC 2010: Best Practices in Distance Learning

Session Time: Thursday, February 25, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Room: 3001

Presenter: Chris Bigenho


Twitter: @bigenhoc

Session Description: This one hour session explores various aspects of distance and distributed learning as informed by current research. We will explore current trends in the industry then focus on the “players”, interactions and communicative acts associated with distance learning. This session should provide a high level overview for anyone looking to develop online courses, programs or schools. This session will also be of great value to those looking at blended courses where the best of traditional teaching is mixed with the best practices of online teaching.

Session Back Channel: This session will support a back channel using Twitter. If you are tweeting during the session, please use the following hash tags on your tweets so that they will be part of the conference channel as well as the session channel. I will post a copy of the session back channel along with additional resources and a link to the slides at the completion of the session.

Hash Tags: #naisac10, #cb1

Resources: (will be posted after the session)


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