What do you mean by 21st Century Skills?

24 06 2014

There is a lot of talk about 21st century skills and what we should be teaching to make sure our students are prepared with the right skill set to succeed in today’s world. Any practitioner conference you attend today will have many sessions that will address the idea of teaching 21st century skills. ISTE 2014  is about to launch and there will undoubtedly be sessions exploring 21st century skills/learning/school etc. From social media with blogs, wikis and Twitter, to Maker Sessions to philosophical sessions, it seems many are trying to explain what and how we need to be teaching today. With that being said, what do we all mean when we are talking about 21st century skills, 21st century learning and 21st century schools?

I hope you will take a moment to complete this short, simple and open-ended survey to define these terms in your own words. What do you mean when you talk about 21st century skills, 21st century learning and 21st century schools? What do you hear when you hear others talk about these terms? The results of this survey are public so please consider participating and adding to our broader understanding as a community.

Please feel free to pass this around to any and all. This is a conversation that moves far beyond the teachers in the classroom and the administrators at the school. Parents and students also have an understanding of these terms. What is everyone saying and what are we hearing when we use these terms?

You can access the survey at: What do you mean by 21st century skills/learning/schools? OR use the form below.

You can view the responses at: What do yo mean by 21st century skills/learning/schools? [RESPONSES]




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