The Beginnings of a New Project- Glasspar Seafair Sedan Restoration

22 06 2014

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Many years ago, I purchased a 1959 Glasspar Seafair Sedan to use when I was living in California. At the time that I moved to Texas, I left the boat in my parents driveway where it had been sitting for over 18 years.

Last year, Lillian and I made a drive across the country along Interstate 10 to pick it up. Meeting Allyson in California, we spent several days with my parents then the three of us drove the boat back to Texas.

I took the boat to a local repair shop to have the motor checked out since it had not been run in 18 years. The engine mechanics looked good (not a surprise as it ran up to the point when I parked it) but all of the electronics need replacing. the quote for parts and labor was more than I wanted to spend at that time so I decided to find another old working motor to re-power the boat and keep the other motor as a project for the future. With the boat repowered, We used is several times on some of the local lakes last summer and had a great time. Every time I pulled the boat around town, drove it across the lake or prepped it at the boat ramp, I got comments about how cool the boat looked. You just don’t see boats with these lines around much any more. With the lakes being so low, it seems this is a great time to start the restoration project. So Connor and I have moved a few things around in the back yard and we have started what will be a year-long project to restore the 1959 Glasspar Seafair to its glory days.

Here is where we are starting…





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