Pending Ice Storm- Dallas 12/5/2013

6 12 2013


Yes, I know. There are many in the country who will find this silly. An little ice storm and temperatures between 35 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit shuts down a Metroplex of millions of people but that is life in Dallas. That being said, it only takes a glazing of ice to make a mess and now they are talking about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice and 1/2 inch of sleet. We will see. Last week they totally missed the forecast but ice…You can drive on snow but no one goes anywhere on ice. The best place to be is warm by the fire reading a good book.


However, it is interesting how this particular storm is playing out with one particular activity- grocery shopping. Yes, we will be home bound for at least one day and perhaps two. But the grocery store today at about 7:30 pm was a shocker. I had the feeling that I was missing something and that I should perhaps be preparing for Iceageddon. Here are a few images from my recent trip to the store.

My first thought though was that you could really learn some interesting things about a community by what people purchase when they feel like they will be home-bound and unable to get to the store- even if only for a day! It appears that my community will be doing some baking (eggs and milk nearly all gone), eating lots of bananas and baking Pillsbury rolls, cookies. While much of the salad stuff was missing, I am clearly in a community of meat eaters as the entire meat coolers were nearly empty. We also apparently like bread and are afraid will will not have access to water after tonight. Finally, it appears that many plan to sit at home in front of a fire and in the climax of the ice storm, eat frozen ice cream cakes. As for me, we added to the shortage of bananas and apples (we were out) and frozen pizzas for our usual Friday evening ritual- pizza cooked on the wood grill outside (burr) and a movie (or two). Happy snow (ice day) everyone.

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10 12 2013

Thanks, for the pictures and time that you put into this! I stopped by my local Albertson’s on the way home Thursday. Glad I arrived there early as provisions were still in abundance!

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