Sites of the Week- Election Week 2012

6 11 2012

Tracking Election Results

Interactive polling site where you can play with maps, graphs, polls and election returns as a way of exploring different paths to the White House.

USA Today Electoral Vote Tracker

Play with the interactive maps for this year’s election as well as elections dating back to 1960. How has the Nation changed over time? What are the issues the shaped this change? How do these patterns reflect the changing economy, domestic and foreign policies, and demographic trends in the Nation?

New York Times- Electoral Map: Building a Path to Victory

Another approach to visualizing the expected distribution of electoral votes. This site is interactive allowing you to make comparisons.

Balance of Power

The site had a contest inviting people to develop different ways to visualize the election. The winner is a visualization called the Balance of Power. You can see and explore this winning entry and read about the data that was used to create this dynamic graphic. It is best viewed full screen.

Political Engagement Map- Explore engagement with candidates’ Tweets

You have heard the pollsters and pundits. How does this compare with the conversation that is taking place in social media sites such as Twitter? Check out the Political Engagement Map where levels of engagement with candidates tweets is visualized on a map. This site is dynamic as the tweets are still flying. Check this out and see how it changes over time. This link takes you to the dynamic map as well as an explanation on how it works.

The Economist: Daily Graphics

Each day, The Economist provided a different graphic to visualize aspects of the 2012 election. This is a great collection and is well worth exploring. You can also view a 90 second video that takes you on a wild ride of rising and falling expected electoral votes as they changed daily over the year. Can you find the time when “You didn’t build that” and the 47% entered the narrative? This truly looks like a horse race.

Note: Sites of the Week is a service that I provide for the Greenhill Learning Community as part of an ongoing professional development and learning effort. It is shared here as a way to provide these collections to a larger community. Feel free to add to the community through the comment feature of this blog.




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