LIVE BLOG: The Neuroscience of Teaching and Learning

31 01 2012

ISASTC Session Description

If the conscious mind — the part you consider you — accounts for only a
fraction of the brain’s function, what is all the rest doing? This is the question that David Eagleman has spent years researching, and he’s come up
with some surprising answers. Our behavior, thoughts, and experiences are
inseparably linked to a vast, wet, chemical-electrical network called the
nervous system. The machinery is utterly alien to us, and yet, somehow,
it is us. Eagleman takes us into the depths of the subconscious to answer
some of our deepest mysteries, and to illuminate what this all means for
students and teachers. How do children learn best? How do we teach students creativity rather than memorization? What are the effects of growing
up digital? Eagleman charts new terrain in neuroscience and helps us understand how our perceptions of ourselves and our world result from the
hidden workings of the most wondrous thing we have ever discovered: the
human brain.

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31 01 2012
5 02 2012
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