LIVE BLOG: Essential Curriculum NOW!- Heidi Hayes Jacobs

31 01 2012

ISASTC Session Description

How can we best prepare our learners for their futures? How can
independent schools make the transition out of dated program structures
and curriculum to those for the contemporary learner? How do we
determine the best of our traditions? Dr. Jacobs will share her model for
upgrading the curriculum for classes K-12. She will walk through a
step-by-step approach to make strategic revisions in your classroom. You
will examine specific replacements for content, skills, and assessments to be
implemented gradually and realistically. We will examine tools for revising
assessment types with digital portfolios, video podcasting, and open source
software in a practical manner in every subject area K-12. Portals for having
faculties connect globally will be shared. Current interdisciplinary focus
areas such as sustainability, media literacy, and globalization will be
included, as well as how to modernize each discipline area. The workshop is
based on her book: Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing
World (ASCD, January 2010), that will deal with these most fundamental
questions: What do we cut? What do we keep? What do we create?

For access to my Live Blog of this session- Click Here




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31 01 2012
3 02 2012
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