LIVE BLOG: Be Excellent at Anything- Tony Schwartz

31 01 2012

ISASTC Session Description

Demand in our lives is increasing relentlessly. Our capacity isn’t keeping
pace. The way we’re working isn’t working. Far too many schools expect
their employees to operate in the same way that computers do: continuously
at high speeds, for long periods of time, running multiple programs at the
same time. It’s a prescription for failure.

Human beings are designed to pulse. We’re at our best when we move
between periods of expending energy and intermittently renewing our
needs across four dimensions: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
The better those needs are met, the more value we’re capable of creating.
Time is finite, but we can expand and renew our energy across all four
dimensions of our lives.

Rather than trying to get more out of their faculty, schools are better served
by meeting people’s multi-dimensional needs, so they’re freed, fueled, and
motivated to bring the best of themselves to work every day.

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31 01 2012
5 02 2012
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