Sites of the Week [Week 15]

9 12 2011

15.1 Workflowy

Here is a simple little productivity tool for everyone who works from lists. Workflowy is a list tool. With Workflowy, you can create a free account then create a list. This list can then be easily accessed from any device that has a browser- other computers, iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Tablets etc.

  • Prioritize your list by reordering- drag and drop.
  • Add things to your list.
  • Cross them off when completed.
  • Share your list with others through a secrete link.
  • Create a hierarchical list with main task and subtasks.
  • Export your list.
  • Annotate your list with notes.

In short, this little tool will be up and running in seconds and you will easily be able to plan a project, create a list or add order to your life and school projects.

15.2 Eyejot

This little tool will allow you to create short (60 seconds or less) video messages. These videos can then be sent via email or posted on a website. The possibilities are endless- video prompts for new lessons, student reflections and exchanges, demonstrations of competence preserved for portfolios. To see this in use, you only need to ask Mary Tapia (e-mail me) who has been using this tool for over a year now with her Spanish and French classes. She is even hoping to use Eyejot as part of a virtual exchange with students in French Speaking Africa. Watch the 60 second clip below as an example of video created with Eyejot. This video was created last year at the NAIS Annual Conference in Washington D.C. as part of the online community. What would you “Jot” about with your own Eyejot account?

Sample Eyejot Video: Welcome to NAIS 2011

15.3 Invisible People TV

With the colder weather arriving and the holidays around the corner, it reminds me that I have it really good. I have a family, friends and a home to go to each day. This is not the case for everyone. This site illustrates the power of sharing an idea through a simple blog. Through extensive video interviews with homeless individuals across the country and over multiple years, Invisible People TV have documented their stories for others to witness giving names to the homeless. Take some time over the next week or two to listen to some of these stories. You will not be sorry. This site and the peoples stories have powerful lessons for our students as well. Elements from this site could easily be worked into courses on Sociology, History and English. How about an exploration of the nature of language as captured in these stories. You could also look for common threads that run through the stories and compare them region to region. This site could also serve as inspiration for your own students to create their own version of story capture that helps make the world a better place. How will you be affected by the stories of these “Invisible People”?

15.4 Open Culture

Open Culture bills itself as a source for the best free cultural and educational media on the web. I will leave it up to you to decide as I am always leery of anything that claims to be the best. That being said, it is an interesting space and one that is rich with possibilities. Here you will find free audio books, online courses, movies, language and literature lessons, eBooks and more. As an example of some of what you might find, this little gem came from the section labeled film.

Did you see the movie Dark Knight? Do you know what film critics mean when they say, “an action scene is flawed and violates the language of film making”? Take a look at this three part lesson titled- The Dark Knight: Anatomy of a Flawed Action Scene. Now you can extend the concept of grammar to that of film making and the importance of following rules for clarity of communication and intent.




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