Sites of the Week [Week 14]

1 12 2011

I Know Someone (Powerful Student Video)

Today’s site is a bit different. Yesterday I was touched by a video created by Sydney Steeves. Sydney, a student in New Brunswick, mixed a simple song with images of students sharing powerful messages about the effects of bullying and what you can do to step up and stop the abuse. I was touched that such a simple project could carry such a powerful message to thousands of people. The video was first posted on YouTube November 28th and in less than a day had garnered close to 2000 views. When I discovered the video on December 1st 2011, I was viewer 6790. As many of you know, I speak far and wide about bullying and specifically that which takes place using many forms of technology. This video will become a regular part of my presentation with the challenge that everyone take a moment to watch and reflect on the past, present and future- family, friends, acquaintances. Don’t forget to also stop in front of the mirror- the most powerful reflective stop of all. This is authentic student work at its best- created for and shared with an authentic audience-to make the world a better place. Enjoy…

The Scale of the Universe

How large is the universe? How can we fathom this great expanse and the size of all that makes up this space? Here is a site that can help with this little problem and provide perspective on the immense and the very, very small. Welcome to “The Scale of the Universe”.

Gymnasium for the Brain

Here is an interesting site full of exercises, puzzles, games and pointers for “exercising” you brain. Topics range from speed math at all levels to pattern recognition and drawing tips. This site has fun for everyone as you stretch your brain. My favorites were the puzzles. I always love a good puzzle. Have fun playing in the Gymnasium for the Brain.




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