Successful Defense: Another Chapter Finished and a New Book Begins

31 10 2011

Well, the day finally arrived. Last Thursday, October 27th 2012, I successfully defended my dissertation titled: Student Reflections as Artifacts of Self-Regulatory Behaviors for Learning: A Tale of Two Courses. This completes my work for my Ph.D. in Educational Computing and Cognitive Systems. While this is the end of this chapter, it is the beginning of a new book for me as an educational and cognitive researcher. Most immediately, I plan to turn my dissertation into a minimum of five journal articles with some additional article ideas in the wings. However, I look forward to exploring some of my other areas in my research agenda and spreading my wings as a researcher.

As for my defense, I was very pleased but was met with a little surprise. For those who know me, they know that I am very comfortable before a crowd and not shy about sharing my opinions and ideas. Comfortable speaking in front of crowds, I found that I was greeted last Thursday with a case of nerves during the first 5 minutes of my defense. This was a shock to my system and was not something I was expecting. You see, when the moment came to start, I realized that “This is it. This is for all the marbles”. While I did not enter the defense with any doubt about the outcome, the importance of the moment was not lost and for that, I am extremely grateful.




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