Sites of the Week [Week 6]

30 09 2011

6.1 Visual Blooms

For those of you who enjoy looking at theory behind teaching and learning and those who are wondering where different web 2.0 tools fit into the teaching and learning process, this should be of interest. Welcome to Visual Blooms.

Visual Blooms is a wiki page that takes a new look at Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating, and Creating. Using these different categories from Bloom’s Taxonomy, the site maps different web tools to each category within the cognitive domain that is this taxonomy. As this site is a wiki, it is dynamic and you are invited to contribute your wisdom as well. Beyond these categories, the site also offers other resources that might be interesting to those in the classroom. While the site seems to be under construction, it is well worth a look.

6.2 What Was There?

We know we live in a dynamic world yet we are often slow to see the changes around us. I know that when I go back to my childhood home, I am always surprised by the way the city looks. For those familiar with the Plano Texas area, major change are about to happen as one of the last agricultural holdouts surrounded by homes and businesses ,in the center of the city, is about to become close to 500 homes and new businesses. So, “WHAT WAS THERE?” is a way to catalog these changes in your community or view the past contrasted with the present in other areas of interest. Give this a try.

  1. Launch then enter Washington D.C., New York or Chicago
  2. Explore the pins that you see on the map by clicking on a pin in an area you want to view. This will zoom in and show you more detail. The numbers you might see on the pins represent the number of images that have been uploaded in that area.
  3. View the past then click on Street View for a comparison with today’s image. If you click on photo details, you can then roll over the image with your mouse to magnify the image of the past
  4. Do you have photos from your past that you can add to this space? What about your students and their families? This is a chance to engage in documenting a past as public record and keeping your history alive.

6.3 Desmos Graphing Calculator

This offering is for those who love math and what you can do with a graphing calculator. Welcome to Desmos Graphing Calculator. What if you wanted to see one of the following equations realized as a graph?

What happens when you change some of the values in the equation?

Give this dynamic graphing calculator a try and visualize the relationships existent in equations.

6.4 GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube

 Today’s site of the day is for our math folks out there. The site is GeoGebra, a free and open program that has similarities to Geometers Sketchpad. You can download the program or checkout interactive examples from GeoGebraTube– a rich site of interactive math activities just waiting to be explored by your students. If the students don’t have access to GSP at home or on their laptops, you can have then install GeoGebra and incorporate these dynamic activities into their lessons both in and out of class. The materials in GeoGebraTube use JAVA so they will work without the need to have GeoGebra installed.

Download GeoGebra Here:

Explore GeoGebraTube Here:

6.5 The Evolution of Classroom Technology

With comments just around the corner, there is likely not much time to read a rich learning theory site or explore a complex interactive tool. So, today’s site of the day is for fun and should produce some laughs and occasional loud exclamations of “I Remember Those!”. So sit back and enjoy a trip through time as you explore the Evolution of Classroom Technology




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