Sites of the Week [Week 3]

9 09 2011

3.1 The Power of the Human Narrative
I shared this link earlier this week as it is very powerful and relates to 9/11. This being the 10 year anniversary of that horrible day, it seemed fitting to set this aside. The link will provide a powerful story and a way that you and your students can easily capture your own stories. [LINKED HERE]

3.2 Understanding by Design
Today’s site of the day is actually a couple of sites serving as resources to help you explore and understand the instructional design process known as Backward Design. This also carries the name of Understanding by Design or UbD. While not new, it is also not mainstream. UbD is a powerful way to plan curriculum and develop your class experiences for learning. At the center of this design process are essential questions. This leads to identifying desired results, acceptable evidence followed by the planning and development of the learning experiences. I hope you will take a moment to explore these five sites to learn more about this process.

Planning a Class with Backward Design [from The Chronicle]

An Introduction to Understanding by Design- Great resources illustrating UbD in practice in K-12  

Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching: Understanding by Design

Presentation Introducing Understanding by Design

Suggested Book
Understanding by Design by Wiggins and McTighe

3.3 Brain Food: Realistic Lateral Thinking Puzzles

It is a Friday and this seems like a great way to start the weekend. How about a little puzzle? Yes, these are a little different. Stimulate the neurons by considering some of these puzzles. Try them on your students. WARNING: Everything may NOT be as they seem when it comes to these puzzles. That being said, they will force you to consider alternate possibilities for solutions to what may seem to be the obvious- Thus…Lateral Thinking. Here is one as a teaser. For more, follow the link above to feed your brain some “Lateral Logic”. Passing on the warning from the site- “For some reason, these puzzles have a tendency to be rather morbid” Enjoy!!

Puzzle Scenario
A woman tries to drop a man into the ocean — by his own request — but when she tries, he blows back in. [Solution]




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