Site of the Day- The Power of the Human Narrative

7 09 2011

I, like many in the world this week, have been thinking back 10 years ago and reflecting on that moment in time when our world, as we knew it, changed forever. Today I shared the following Site of the Day with my community and decided to share it publicly here as an individual post rather than rolling it into the collection for the week. This is about one person’s story and a way you can capture your own stories.

Site of the Day as Shared with my Community

There is no denying the power of story. For tens of centuries, stories have been our teacher and are at the core of what it means to be human. Digital stories are simply a way to add voice and bring stories to life. Today’s site of the day has two parts—A Story for the Day and Sound Cloud. The story serves as an example of the power of the personal narrative and Sound Cloud is simply one way that you can capture your own stories making them easy to distribute.


I would like to share a story I first heard several years ago on NPR as I was driving onto campus in the morning. The power of the words and the storyteller’s experience caused me to pull into the first empty spot I found and simply listen. This story comes from one of the darkest moments in our nation’s recent history and illustrates the power of the human spirit to transcend painful personal moments in a person’s life. This short story gets at the heart of being human. WARNING: This is at least a two-hanky story so have that box of Kleenex nearby.

SOUND CLOUD: Now Capture your Own Story

Sound Cloud is a web application that allows you to easily record and share recordings across the web. The best part is that you can use your iPhone or Android Smart Phone to make recordings that are automatically posted to your website. The recording can be public or private (if you want to edit before going public) and can be shared with hundreds of applications across the web. This is an easy way to capture a story, post it to your site then embed the recording in an e-portfolio, project site or simply share through your blog. Language students can use this for language interviews. History students can use Sound Cloud to actually engage in the process of recording and presenting historical perspectives. Everyone can use it to add voice to their reflections. Sound Cloud is a simple tool to use and one that has many possibilities. If you have a Smart Phone in your pocket, let it do more than make calls and surf the net. Use that phone to capture ideas and stories wherever you go.




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7 09 2011

Thank you for this posting. I also addressed the 940 students at my school today and my message was about 9/11. Up here in Toronto, Canada, it is very important. SRG

9 09 2011
Sites of the Week [Week 3] « Life in the Renaissance

[…] 3.1 The Power of the Human Narrative I shared this link earlier this week as it is very powerful and relates to 9/11. This being the 10 year anniversary of that horrible day, it seemed fitting to set this aside. The link will provide a powerful story and a way that you and your students can easily capture your own stories. [LINKED HERE] […]

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