Do you remember a time when…?

7 10 2010

It has been far too long since I have put my thoughts on this blog. With the start of school and the craziness of trying to write a dissertation while working fulltime, I have neglected this space. This also makes it harder for me to write as I have been spending so much time writing as an academic. The academic voice makes it difficult for me to find my relaxed reflective voice. However, my proposal is now in and things are starting to settle down at work, I am going to try to catch up on some of the blog entries I have put on the back burner. So…starting with a simple post to help me get back in practice…

Recently, I was showing a video of Race for the Double Helix (a story about the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA- a sit on the edge of your seat movie staring Jeff Goldbloom) to my biotechnology class. As we finished the movie, I ejected the VHS tape only to have one of my seniors ask me if I remembered a time before CD’s and DVD’s- A time when all movies were on VHS. After I stopped laughing, I did a quick Google image search on 16mm projectors with the idea that I would show her what I used to watch movies at school on when  I was her age. Clicking on the first link brought me to this page shown below…Need I say more? We all had a great laugh then went our separate directions-a little wiser about our generational differences.

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