Archive of ARG from Live Classroom 2.0

3 09 2009

As many of you know, last year I created an Alternate Reality Game for a workshop in the Classroom of the Future at the NAIS Annual Conference. Since then I have had several opportunities to share this with others in 1 hour face-to-face workshops. However, last weekend I was able to share it with a larger group via the Internet through LiveClassroom2.0. As a result, the session was recorded. This means you can listen and watch the session as it was presented in Elluminate hosted by LiveClassroom2.0. You also have access to the Q&A section as well as chat and additional resources. While it is best to play the game to understand, a tour through the experience can be used to help you understand the game as you look at how it was constructed. Those who make it to the end received a “Pot of Gold”- A living collection of resources including the design documents for the game I called Shafted Enlightenment.

What is an Alternate Reality Game? (you ask). I have posted several links on my blog that should help you understand as well as take you to the archived version from last weekend. You will find that some of the slides for the backstory did not show up. I like to think it was A.I.R. that did that (You need to check out the game to understand what A.I.R. might have done). So, I am uploading the slides to slide share and will add them to this post for reference.

Full Archive information from Live Classroom 2.0

Slides for Playing the Game

Shafted Enlightenment as presented at NAIS

Here you will find several different ways to experience the game along with many resources and a way to play the game with the sequence of linked clues. Make sure you get to the Pot of Gold as it is a rich environment and will continue to grow so check back often.

There was interest in forming a group of educators interested in developing and teaching with Alternate Reality Games. Therefore, I am putting together a way, for those intereted in ARG’s for learning in K-12 and beyond, to connect and collaborate. I will post more information when it is ready.




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