My first experience with Claymation…

5 08 2009

This short (very short) claymation was created in a hands on session at the Urban School’s Integrated Technology Symposium. I have never done claymation before and this little clip was a result of 45 mins work from concept to completion. This is more of a proof of concept than anything else. While I saw this used to have students explain their understanding of scientific concepts such as chemical bonding, molecular attraction and other abstract concepts, it could be used in any discipline. Here you can have students create and capture an artifact of understanding that can be shared with others- peers as well as students from other schools. This was created using iStopmotion and iMovie and Quicktime. There is also a PC solution for this process but I still need to get the links.




One response

5 08 2009
Kris Bailey

Nice job for 45 minutes! Think what you could do in those 2+ hour blocks every week!

THanks again for doing the blogging for CIT. It’s been a great success already, in my humble opinion.


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