2 Full days of Live Blogging…

5 08 2009

I have been involved in a “grand experiment” Live Blogging all the sessions from the Urban School’s Integrated Technology Symposium in San Francisco. While I have blogged for some time, this is my first real Live Blogging experience. This has been an amazon experience. I try to capture the gist of all that is going on in the presentations and discussions during the live blog then later complete what I call a roll up blog. I have been posting these on a blog site I created for this purpose and will eventually repost them here as well. However, I have found that as a participant in all aspects of this symposium, this has really helped me create meaning for myself. While trying to share the content with others in ways that may be meaningful for them, I have found myself far more engaged in the entire symposium. This is a good thing as I am also going to be their closing keynote speaker and am supposed to create the presentation based on what I have learned through the process, mix it with my own experience and research and hopefully, help the rest of the participants synthesize the three days and make meaning that they can take with them as they head back to their respective schools. To say that it is strange to know I am delivering a keynote tomorrow afternoon while not really knowing all I will be talking about (there is still one more day with three sessions that have not happened). This is very exciting for me. Who knows what I will say… I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to see what bubbles to the surface. But to say my mind is racing with ideas is an understatement. This has been a very engaging experience for me. If you want to read about the first day’s sessions, they are all posted at http://citbigenhoc.wordpress.com/. I welcome comments and hope you enjoy. There will be additional “roll-up blogs that will be posted later today and/or tomorrow. Enjoy and I look forward to your comments.




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