Day 1 of the Integrated Tech Symposium in San Francisco

3 08 2009

Dawn will soon break in San Francisco or at least it has for me. I seem to be caught in some sort of time zone warp as I found myself wide awake at three in the morning. Too many different time zones in this past month… I believe I am caught somewhere between EDT and CDT while I find myself currently in PDT.

Today is the first day of the Center for Innovation in Teaching: Integrated Tech Symposium. This should be a great experience as a small group of educators from across the country will soon gather at The Urban school in the heart of San Francisco to explore teaching and learning in today’s technology rich environment. I am always excited to discuss with other educators and learn from the diversity of their experiences.

Today’s schedule starts at 9:00 am PDT and will wrap up around 3:30pm PDT. The menu includes…
*9-9:30a A Vision of Integrated Technology
*9:30-10:30a Language- Extending Oral Practice Within and Beyond the Classroom
*10:45-11:45a Math- Visual and Interactive
12:45-2:00p Hands-on Workshops
*2:15-3:30p Panel Discussion: Realities of Teaching in a Laptop School

. Today’s choices for the hands-on workshops include:
• Interactive White Board Techniques- Language Emphasis
• Exploring Math Software
• Exploring Science Software

I have not yet decided which session I will attend but I suspect I will spend some time exploring either the Math or Science software tracks today.

As you look at the schedule above, you will see a star next to many events. These are the events that I will be Live Blogging today and I invite you to join us on this through the Live Blog. This is very easy and you can find the information on how to participate and the appropriate Live Blog links on this blog.

You can also learn more about this symposium and invite others to join in the live blogging sessions through the symposium blog. Simply send out a link to the invitation page through e-mail, Twitter or any other means you know.

Finally, talking about Twitter, you can also follow along on Twitter by following @urbanschool_cit. Twitter seems to be taking the world by storm and I can see why. The symposium blog did not exist before yesterday yet its first day produced over 100 hits simply because of the social nature of tools like Twitter. So, if you have a twitter account, feel free to pass this information on and Tweet the world. I am looking forward to my journey and the new knowledge that will be constructed through this process.




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