4 day conference on PowerPoint???

29 07 2009

I just received an email from Poll Everywhere about the new features they have added. For those not aware, Poll Everywhere is a voting system that works through the internet and texting. This mean that any internet device can participate. When it comes to polling systems (If you like these type of things), this is nice. The idea is that anyone with an internet phone, a phone capable of texting or a computer, can participate in your polls during presentations etc. Now for those of you who have read my earlier post during NECC knows what I think about these devices. In short, I feel there is a place for them in the teacher tool belt but that they are often misused. However, this is not really about the polling device. You see, Poll Everywhere also integrates with your PowerPoint presentations which means that live data can then be displayed immediately on the screen while everyone is listening. It makes the presentations interactive. Now, this is not really about that feature either. Rather, this short post is about what comes at the end of this sales e-mail. Below, I have copied the paragraph that prompted me to post this little message.


“We loved meeting you at MPI and NECC. Presentation pros – I hope we see you at PowerPoint Live (http://www.betterppt.com). It’s October 11-14 in Atlanta. Each year they’ve had great speakers like Garr of Presentation Zen, Cliff Atkinson (this year), and many others. We’re excited to hob nob with the all stars of the presentation world. If you’re attending, you can get 2 for 1 admission using the code “PE241” in the comments.”


Really?! A full 4 day conference on PowerPoint! Now, Garr and his book are great (I suggest you read it and check out his website if you use PowerPoint at all). However, a FULL FOUR DAY CONFERENCE ON POWERPOINT? Read the book, check out Garr Reynolds website, watch some TED Talk videos and explore Pecha Kucha or (http://www.wired.com/techbiz/media/magazine/15-09/st_pechakucha) and do most of this while not sitting through 4 days of PowerPoints about how to do PowerPoint.




4 responses

29 07 2009
Jeff Vyduna

First, I agree with everything you said (don’t like people using us or clickers just for the sake of using them)… This will be my first PPT Live, and for me, it’s very cool that the Product Managers from Microsoft are attending, so I can fill their ear with feedback. I also attend Pecha Kucha here in Boston, and marvel at how many of them are inane presenters. So – I’ll probably blog about what PPT Live is like, and if it’s lame, well Poll Everywhere will skip next year.

PS – That’s a new feature announcement email. You don’t want to see my sales email. You want to see my sales emails? YOU CAN’T HANDLE MY SALES EMAIL!! 🙂

29 07 2009

I love it…I look forward to your blog posts of the event. Let me know when they are up.

30 07 2009
Rick Altman

Yup, four days on PowerPoint, presentation design, message, and delivery. This is our seventh season hosting the event, we pull down phenomenal ratings, and we’ll have about a dozen people there who have attended EVERY SINGLE ONE.

So if it’s a lame conference…well, we must have a whole lot of people fooled…!

Rick Altman
Conference Host
PowerPoint Live

3 08 2009

I might also recommend: “The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within.”

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