Recordings Posted- Telling Stories through Digital Threads

27 07 2009

The recordings are now posted of the Live Classroom 2.0 session I did titled “Telling Stories through Digital Threads- The Election in Iran” You can view the entire show through the Full Recording link. This will play in Elluminate. Simply follow the directions. They have also made smaller versions available of the chat, audio etc. I welcome comments as well as links to your own stories.

The show date was 7/25/09. I have provided a link to their archive page where you can see other shows they have available ( Simply search for the show by date. I am also posting the links here so that you can link directly if you desire.

You will see a full blog post below about the show that includes the slides, presentation links as well as a wealth of resources for creating and telling your own stories through digital threads.

Recording (full):

Tiny URL for full recording:

Recording (audio):

Recording (chat):

Newbie question of the week: How can I use digital threads in the classroom?

Telling Stories with Digital Threads

Special guest:
Chris Bigenho link (all of the links from the show):




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