Opera Unite- The exploration begins

16 06 2009

Is this hype or is this what Web 3.0 will look like? I am talking about Opera Unite from Opera Labs. With this new release in Beta, this could be a very interesting tool. I have just downloaded it to start poking around and so far the coolness is transparent. However, the concept is quite wild not to mention, an interesting concept for IT managers to consider.

The bottom line seems to be the embedding of a server app in the Opera browser that allows you to share applications directly with those you allow. They seem to see this as a way to maintain control over your apps and content by not needing to go through 3rd party services (hmm…what is Opera? Third party??). Well, it is too early to say much but it just proves that when you think you have your pulse on the world, it changes.

As I poke around, it also seems to be international in that most of the blogs and accounts I saw when I first fired it up were not from the U.S. This is also appears different than myspace and facebook in that you have to dig a little to find the international links. Is this part of the concept of my computer becoming part of the fabric of the web or is this just that it is new and does not have the user base yet to create geographical clusters.

Looking at a few of the apps already available:

  • File sharing
  • Access to my home music library any where I go
  • Host websites running from my computer
  • “Fridge” a place for people to leave notes on my computer (hmm)
  • And more…

This will be interesting to watch as the user base starts to develop additional applications for Opera Unite. Well, back to exploring the future as I blend into the web of the future. I am reminded of McLuhn’s “the medium is the message” and “global village” as I BECOME part of the web.




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