Reflection on the latest from KSU…

8 06 2008

This was a post I made to the ISED List. I wanted to repost it to my blog as well…

Many of you may have see the latest from KSU “A vision of students today” =dGCJ46vyR9o

Here is how the web works…

Many people view the video and leave comments on the Youtube site… =dGCJ46vyR9o

Comments are also collected on multiple sites as KSU linked it to their course blog which also accepts comments… /ksudigg/?p=119

Gary Stager writes about it in his regular column in District Administrator…
http://www.districtadministrat ?news=no&postid=48655

This column also accepts comments (found at end of article) one of which is from the professor of the course which then links back to the another entry from their course blog for clarification of the piece. /ksudigg/?p=124

Now this is the power of the web… Real people across the globe, many who don’t know each other, engaged in discourse about a topic. This discourse involves a diverse sample ranging from students, parents and general public to educators and specialists in education and technology. It also links back to the originator who gives almost immediate feedback on the stimulating piece and how others are viewing the work. While the piece by itself may make a statement for some or demonstrate lack of vision of others, there is no denying, this is a fascinating conversation which is occurring in a medium we can’t ignore-the Internet. This is a wonderful example of the social nature of information today.




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