Lists on a Blog?

8 06 2008

(Post transfered from prior blog)

What an interesting discussion topic. This really goes way beyond the ISED List and speaks to the heart of the interconnected Internet and the “social life” that information takes today. I must say, that I was surprised to find my posts to the ISED List showing up in Google searches. These become public when the list is archived. I also understand the issue with the reposting of conversations from the list on blogs being more “social”. Netiquettewould have use seek permission prior to any reposting. It is a courtesy th
at should be offered when reposting another person’s words. However, David Weinberger et al. in the Cluetrain Manifesto ( make it clear that the flow of information, image and in this case, reposting, near impossible to control in the hyperlinked, hyper-connected world in which we live.

While I would like to think that I might be consulted prior to my words being reposted on a blog, I also accept that as a part of the new reality and hope that I am true to the words I write. I have been amazed at the information that has shown up on the web related to things I have done, said or written. Both Dan Pink and the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto talk about the power of story. I guess, in a way, we are all leaving behind an interactive story for others to discover.




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