Music through the curriculum

4 04 2008

This is great little article from techLearning that looks at the use of music throughout the curriculum. Music has always been a draw. There is something magnetic about music. Among the many things it can do, it makes you want to dance, dream, act, or sing. Music is universal and can cross all cultures and disciplines. Author, Folwell Dunbar, suggests 21 ways that you can use music in your existing curriculum. Here is the list of topics:
1. Collaboration
2. Cultural Studies
3. Direct Instruction
4. Fieldwork
5. Foreign Language
6. History and Current Events
7. Listening Skills
8. Math
9. Mood
10. Physical Education
11. Poetry
12. Public Speaking
13. Reading
14. Social Commentary
15. Soundtrack
16. Storytelling
17. Technology
18. Social Commentary
19. Trivia/Fun
20. Vocabulary
21. Writing Prompt
Explore these simple examples to start using music in your class.




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