Fishing surprises

23 03 2005

Fishing surprises
Yesterday, my father and I introduced my two kids to fishing on a private lake in Simi Valley. I grew up fishing on this lake and have many fond memories of this lake. It was really neat to share the fishing experience with the kids. It is winter and the water is still too cool for good fishing but as they say, the worst day fishing is still better than the best day working. With that in mind, we dug worms and headed to the lake. Launching the little row boat, my dad and I placed a nice worm on the hook for each rod and handed them to the kids.

With a bobber and worm, the blue gill fishing should be good even if the water is cold. However, the fishing proved to be slow- or so I thought. Moving around the lake to the far cove, Allyson suddenly shouted- “I have a fish”!! I was shocked. Allyson is only 6 and very small so when I saw her fighting with the fish, I assumed that it was the usual- a bluegill. However, this must have been a large bluegill. I reached over thinking that she might need some help with this fish. However, as soon as I helped her with the rod- wow!! It really pulled. This was one big bluegi………BASS!!!! Yes a bass! I had never heard of such a thing. This bass had come up and bit a rig set for a bluegill. In fact, I had never caught a bass of any size with this type of rig. But this wasn’t just any bass. No sir. This turned out to be a 20 inch, 4.25 pound bass!! And that is no fish story. Later that morning she managed to catch another slightly smaller bass with the same setup and then a day later- a repeat performance with the bass. So much for my fishing expertise. I am switching to worms!!




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