Activity in room 2!

23 03 2005

Activity!! Yesterday, I sent out formal invites through TI that autolinked the receipients with the correct room of TI. This was sent to those that were not currently members of TI. Today, there is activity in the room. I also sent out an invite to the cadre but that is because the room is not in the Pepperdine campus and there was no way for them to join without being invited. Still need to work this out. However, I did get some activity today. There are now 4 people in the room that are not from Pepperdine. Two of them just dropped by the room and joined as the room is open. It turns out that one of them knows Madre from a project in the past. What a small world. I have invited her to invite others that might share similar interests. I also have an e-mail from one of the members that I invited from the conference that was a little confused. She wants me to resend the initial invite as she does want to join so I expect her soon. The room is off to a start. I can’t wait for the conversations to start.




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