f2f meeting

15 03 2005

I just had a shore f2f meeting with our lower school computer teacher and talked about TI and the group that we are trying to form for TEC. It seems that she has never used this type of tool and has been very busy. As a result, she has not signed up for the group. However, she seemed very interested. I will be going down to her room tomorrow to get her signed up and give her a personal tour of TI and how to use the tool. In thinking about this, I might try to get a quick gathering of all that are interested in using this tool and getting a tour to visit the school after spring break. This would be an informal session and not one of our regular meetings. The idea is that there may be many that find this tool new. While most said they are familar with tools like this, I suspect that many have not actually participated as part of a community. At the same time, I had some encouragement from a presentation I attended at the TxDLA conference. A college on the border of Texas was doing something very similar to this. They presented data that showed the first 2 years of the program as being years of relative inactivity. However, the third year blossomed. Now the question for me is why the third year and is there a way that I can accelerate the process? I have another group just about ready to go. This group has formed under different circustances and as a result may may have different dynamics.




One response

21 03 2005

I wonder if other groups are discovering it takes about three years to get going? What have you learned that you will apply to the group just about ready to go?
Dr. Gina

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