More results- initially

21 02 2005

More results- initially. I just sent out another informational message regarding the purpose of the group and inviting others to join. I immediately received three additional members to the group and the word that some others would be joining during this week. However, there still has been little exchange of dialogue.

It is interesting to note that everyone that has signed on has been very thankful for setting up such an environment for the exchange of ideas and that the need is there. However, there seems to be little activity. I am not sure why. Could it be that most of this group has not exchanged ideas in electronic environments other than e-mail? I am not sure. I know that TI is new to most. While there seem to be no problems getting signed into TI, something seems to be limiting the exchanges. I think that I may set up some discussions on TI itself and provide an opportunity for some live chats to help members get around the tool. Familiarity with the tool might help the members to become more involved.

At this time, all of the topics with the exception of the first have been generated by myself. I am hoping that others will post ideas for discussion and provide information that may be of interest to the group.




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