17 02 2005

I am worried about my group mentoring project online. I am not getting the traffic I had hoped. We have had several exchanges which is an improvment over our 2-3 times per year meeting. However, I have been hoping for more activity and participation. It has been interesting that several of us have recently been to regional conferences and came away from the trade show with similar impressions. This might be a place for us to focus. I have also placed several different topic ideas out there that I was hoping would stimulate an exchange. I am going to send out another invite for others to join us. Perhaps if the group was a little larger, we would get more activity and exchange.

One of the goals that I have tossed out there is to try to have a live chat. I want to show the group the power of the chat featue in TI for real-time idea exchange and I was looking at having a guest join us for that chat. The idea is that we can share expertise in the group as well as brining in some from the outside.

If this does not pick up soon I will need to look at other options or ways to work with this group. I am worried




One response

21 02 2005

It is difficult to get a group like this going. They need a reason to participate. Sometimes it becomes a social thing. Others find useful information and support for their jobs. I understand why you want to give up the chat idea. Having a bb allows people to post at their convenience may encourage more to participate. I think the idea to forgo the chat entirely might be premature. Have you considered hosting the next f2f meeting online?

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