Experience with encyclopedia of everything yucky

6 02 2005

The other day, I took the kids to the book store. We all had gift certificates for Barnes and Nobles and we decided it was time to cash them in and get some books. The kids looked around and found a mountain of books to consider. One of the books was a titled something like The Encyclopedia of Everything Yucky! What a cool title. This quickly rose to the top as a favorite for the kids. Now, every night is marked by the reading of another entry in the “encyclopedia”

The kids are very interested. Some of this information will be found in text books they will read later in life. However, I doubt they will be nearly as excited about the content as they are now. Talk about capturing the interests and imagination of children. Just picture reading about farts with your kids. This is a topic that all kids seem to be expert in and when presented with a funny yet accurate account of the process of passing gas, they are all ears.

The book is full of little gems like the one above. Each written so that children are engaged in the reading and want to hear more. Why can’t school curriculum be more like this book?- interesting, engaging, leaving you wanting to know more. I guess that is the challenge of any curriculum. However, that is far more difficult to construct than the run of the mill method of linear curriculum construction. Capture the learners mind and they will remain engaged. Something for me to think about in future curriculum development.




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